8 Reasons Subscription Kit Companies Need Recycled Packaging

Top 8 reasons why recycled packaging is a wise investment for subscription kit businesses

Monthly subscription kits are increasing in popularity. They are one of the biggest trends in online retail over the past year. With more brands starting a subscription box business every day, using recycled and recyclable packaging can help a brand to stand out.

1. Positive Impression of Your Brand

Reputation matters. When it comes to your brand you want to make sure that people have a positive impression. Green and eco-friendly packaging are expanding their share on the market. The millennial generation, the economic powerhouse of the future, is strongly supporting businesses with eco-responsibility. Environmental threats have changed our focus on being more eco-friendly. You don’t want to hurt your reputation by using non-recycled packaging, or greenwashed packaging. Show customers that you are environmentally friendly and responsible by using recycled packaging.

2. Be Green

sustainable kit packaging Using recycled materials is great for the environment. When you use recycled materials, you are reducing the need for extracting, processing, and refining raw materials. The process of manufacturing new packaging creates a significant amount of air and water pollution as well as uses up valuable resources. This is something that your company can be proud of and would be wise to advertise. When companies advertised that the ‘Green’ aspects of their business, sales and profits nearly always increase.

3. Cost-Effective

A common misconception is that it’s more expensive to use items that are manufactured from recycled materials. However, the truth is that recycled products typically cost the same or even less than using new materials. With these potentially lower costs, you can increase your profits by saving money on your packaging, and with our full-service printing capabilities, you won’t compromise the look of your brand.

4. Customization

You can completely customize the recycled packaging to raise your brand awareness. You can get full-color packaging that matches the color scheme for your business, which means that people can instantly see these boxes and know it’s from you, improving your brand awareness.

5. Everyone Sees Your Boxes

recycled subscription boxes being delivered Your subscribers are not the only people who can see your packaging. By having recycled packaging that matches your color scheme, everyone from your neighbors to the mailperson will see your boxes. This instant recognition is great for brand awareness. Get them interested in your subscription kit by impressing them with your packaging.


6. Gain Support of Eco-Friendly Customers

When you use recyclable boxes for your subscription kits, you are gaining the support of customers who prioritize the environment. Your environmentally friendly practices can make you stand out from your competition, especially if they don’t follow the say eco-friendly practices.

7. Recycled Packaging is More Than Just Boxes

custom recycled kit packaging with void fill It isn’t just about using recyclable boxes. There are plenty of options that you can choose from including secure packaging, paper fillers, kraft mailers, paper mailers, and more. With eco-friendly packaging materials such as recycled paper shred, you can protect the contents of your packages while ensuring all of your mailings are eco-friendly.



8. Gain Competitive Edge

There are plenty of customers who prioritize reducing their carbon footprint. Those customers are more likely to choose companies that follow environmentally friendly practices. This can give you a competitive edge if you’re one of the few companies in your industry using recyclable packaging, or greatly hurt your brand if you’re not.


Subscription kit companies should prioritize being as eco-friendly as possible because customers value sustainable solutions.  Using recyclable packaging can help you maintain a positive reputation in the industry and bring in environmentally focused customers. Don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity to demonstrate green values to your customers who value these options, or risk alienating a substantial segment of your market.  Find out more on why most subscription services lack packaging sustainability. 

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