10 Reasons Why You need a custom branded pizza box

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Pizza Boxes

A custom branded pizza box is a great way to generate more business. Whether you are a well-seasoned business owner specializing in pizzas, or if you are just starting out, you should be considering what your to-go packaging looks like.

You may use standard pizza boxes. You know, the plain cardboard ones that everyone remembers, but not for a good reason. Your business is special, and your packaging should be as special as the legacy you hope you leave behind in your community. Pizza sales account for 60% of the online food delivery market, according to research by Morgan Stanely. You want your business to stand out and make a lasting impression amongst the competition.

By the end of this post, we hope you have all the knowledge you need to make the decision to invest in your business by designing and purchasing custom, branded pizza boxes.

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1. Custom Branded Pizza Boxes Are Safer

Delivering your customers pizza safely, without damage, and as freshly as possible, is the goal. Custom pizza boxes ensure greater food safety by having exact dimensions needed to protect orders. Typical boxes allow for too much wiggle-room inside the box, which puts your deliveries at risk of getting a bad Google review.


2. A Custom Branded Pizza Box Keeps Food Fresher

Similarly, custom boxes keep food fresher, longer. Due to the customized box dimensions, food avoids extra oxidation from too much space and air inside the box, preserving freshness and heat.

3. Be Unique

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Your business is unique. Bland, basic cardboard pizza boxes just don’t do your business justice. Creating a unique way to present your products and deliver while preserving your businesses integrity and what makes it special can be supported by custom boxes. Speak with one of our experts, or order free samples and experience the quality and fit yourself.

4. Tell A Story

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Every business has a story to tell. If the story of your business is important to you, you should make it important to your customers. Custom boxes that utilize establishment dates, awards, or the story of your business will make your customers more likely to support your business again and again. Get your custom pizza box quote today.


5. Leave a Lasting Impression

Custom boxes that display your unique logo, branding colors, or interesting text and promotions are likely to leave a lasting impression on your customers. When they’re craving a slice of pizza, they are more likely to remember your brand based on their first impression of their first delivery with you. This is why it’s important to make it count!

6. Make Your Marketing Work Smarter

Aesthetically pleasing, custom boxes are a smart marketing move. Using plain, or standard boxes that other businesses are using works against your business. To market your pizza business as the best in town, it needs to stand on its own. Standing out makes it easy for new and returning customers to favor your business over others in their area. Get your custom pizza box quote today.
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7. Reduce Waste

Using standard boxes might seem like you’re operating at better prices. However, you may be paying for boxes that are bigger than they need to be, which wastes materials, and prevents delivery and takeout orders from remaining fresh.

8. Be A Sustainable Business

Sourcing your custom pizza boxes from a supplier that prioritizes sustainability through partnerships with green programs, recycled materials, and low-toxicity printing is a great way to stand out. Many consumers enjoy supporting businesses that have clear sustainability goals they commit to. Using custom pizza boxes from an eco-conscious supplier will generate higher rates in returning customers. Shop our sustainable packaging options.

9. Be Shareable

Social-sharing, especially in this age of social media, is a clever way to market your business. Using custom boxes that are appealing to customers will make them more likely to share unboxing moments and photos of your brand’s products! This allows your business to gain free market reach to wide audiences. Again, for free, simply by giving your customers a great pizza with even greater packaging that makes a statement.

10. Generate More Sales

Ultimately, through all of the above ways we have provided, your business will generate more sales. Custom pizza boxes are a win-win that will help you stand out, become widely-loved, and profitable.

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