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The Value of Branded Packaging for E-Commerce

The Importance of Branded Packaging for Shipping

Successful e-commerce businesses take advantage of sustainable branded packaging for shipping their products. Custom packaging not only ensures that items arrive safely, but gives the golden opportunity to influence brand perception. With the unprecedented rise in online shopping, branded packaging creates a valuable touchpoint between customer and business. This usually requires a brick-and-mortar shop to tap into, but with some planning, anyone can create an excellent experience for their customers on delivery day.

The high volume of parcels today may seem like big competition. But it creates the opportunity for businesses to stand out from the rest when they choose beautifully branded eco-friendly options for their packaging materials. Each year, more customers demand higher sustainability in business by voting with their wallets. The deciding factor on a sale between two comparable products might come down to the effort a business puts into using environmentally friendly materials. Look for options like natural kraft paper mailers and recycled packaging that clearly displays its recycled content to boost your green score with potential buyers.

Custom packaging reduces waste

It’s true! Custom packaging is designed to lower operating costs for e-commerce businesses, prevent damage, and promote recycling, upcycling, and reusing habits. How?

  1. Products shipped in custom packaging are less likely to experience damage during shipping, which lowers the risks of returned merchandise. This prevents excess greenhouse gas emissions from double-shipping (shipping to the customer and having them return it.) It also helps prevent landfill waste due to damaged goods being tossed out.
  2. Packaging that is attractive enough to customers makes them hard to throw away. Durable, aesthetic packaging is often kept, reused, upcycled, or eventually recycled. Especially if the packaging lists simple, effective notes for the customer to do so.

Partnering with a committed eco-conscious company for branded packaging needs is an even better way to ensure your packaging reduces waste. EnviroPackaging hosts a variety of fully customizable packaging solutions with sustainability in mind. We offer custom packaging options that are recyclable, made with recycled materials, and with biodegradable materials. We also carry options which are reusable. These are just a few of the ways that we support combatting waste while offering the best in custom packaging solutions.

Customer Psychology & Custom Packaging

Branding leaves an impact on customers from the time they purchase, to the time they receive their package, complete their unboxing, and use the products. This entire experience shapes the way consumers view a brand and their mission. It also greatly impacts how likely a customer is to return to a brand and make future purchases, as well as how likely they are to recommend that brand to others. Customers looking for a higher-end experience also tend to gravitate toward beautiful custom packaging. The outer package makes a first impression, while custom inner packaging keeps the excitement going.

According to a 2021 consumer report, consumers are 78% more likely to continue to purchase from e-commerce brands that are environmentally conscious and make that message clear on their website and packaging. Thus, choosing sustainable, recycled, and post-consumer materials packaging solutions is likely to help your customers generate trust in a brand that keeps them coming back.

Custom Packaging Ships for Less

Carrier services, from UPS to FedEx, typically use dimensional scales and weight to generate shipping costs. One mistake businesses make is focusing more on fast shipping and the cheapest packaging supplies to reduce operational costs and attempt to improve customer satisfaction. This often results in products being shipped in packages that are too big for the products, and are more likely to end in damaged merchandise. Choosing custom dimension packaging ensures an accurate price to ship, and wastes less material in the process.
Get a quote on a fully custom poly mailer.

Customers look to receive well-packaged items that are intentionally shipped with the environment in mind.
EnviroPackaging provides a shop by sustainability guide to help you meet your e-commerce company’s sustainability goals. Our team of custom packaging experts is available to help you develop the right custom branded packaging for your company.
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Customized Packaging Is Worth It

Customized packaging checks all the boxes — pun intended. Businesses save money, limit environmental harm, and leave a lasting impact on their customers. However, it is essential that businesses carefully select their packaging supplier to reap these benefits.

Enviropackaging is leading the sustainable packaging movement and has partnered with a variety of successful brands that understand the value of customized packaging solutions.

Make all of your shipping materials better with Enviropackaging. Begin your creative, sustainable shipping journey by browsing our offerings or contacting us, today.


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