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Food subscription boxes market reached an estimated 6.9 billion dollars in 2021. The market is expected to keep growing, with the potential to reach over 10 billion dollars by 2024. Since there is no sign of demand slowing, a meal subscription service is an excellent business venture for new or seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Subscription boxes are an excellent business tool to generate recurring revenue on a timely, regular schedule, while providing continued services to customers and building lasting relationships. Businesses typically offer a monthly subscription box, but you are free to choose a schedule that works best for you and your clients.

If you’re passionate about food, offering a meal kit subscription service could be an excellent venture for you.

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How To Steps

1. Choose Your Offering

Decide which niche you want to start with. Some meal subscriptions deliver meals already prepared that just need to be cooked or heated up. Others deliver ingredients that have been pre-selected, measured, and packaged that make it quick and easy for customers to whip up their meals at home.

You might also decide to stick to a certain diet offering: keto, vegan, vegetarian, etc. Or, you may choose to select a certain type of cultured cuisine to offer, such as Italian, Mexican, or others.

Food Subscription boxes

2. Write A Business Plan

This step in your business typically takes the longest, and is the most important. You want to carefully consider all angles of your business. Consider the following:

– What type of business entity you wish to be, or if you will add this new business to your current structure; LLC, Corp, etc.

– The cost of operations.

– What you will charge for your services.

– What agreements your customers need to agree to.

– How much time to allocate to developing new recipes or offerings.

– And more!

Take your time with the step, and the rest will be smoother down the road.


3. Obtain Legal Essentials

Consider working with a business attorney or other legal branches from federal and state to determine which legal licenses or permits you will need to conduct business.

This may require upfront capital but it will save you from fines or fees in the future.

4. Manage Supplies

Choose a reputable supplier to work with that can support your packaging and shipping needs, which is a crucial element in any subscription service.

This is where we come in. At EnviroPackaging, we offer customizable shipping boxes and inserts that are perfect for meal kit subscriptions.  Our corrugated shipping boxes are durable, and come in a wide variety of sizes guaranteed to protect your ingredients and kits during shipping.

We offer boxes in both natural kraft and white kraft to suit your needs from 6” x 4” x 4’ all the way up to 16” x 16” x 8”. Our boxes are sustainably made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable after use, however, our quality boxes promote reuse by your customers.


To help your business stand out against competition, our boxes are customizable, allowing you to have your logo, text, and brand colors printed from corner to corner.

Some items may require extra protection while shipping, which is why we offer a sustainable line of inserts. Our inserts are designed to be biodegradable or recyclable and are perfect for filling any extra space inside your boxes to prevent movement during shipping.

Choose from

5. Market and Sell

After all of your hard work and market research, sit back and enjoy all of the benefits that come with running a successful business. Collect reviews and build relationships with your customers over one thing that brings us all together: food!

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