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Fold up Gift Boxes

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Ideal for displaying products or to make that amazing packaging display. They range in sizes to accommodate almost any type of product. We strongly recommend using the gift boxes as displays or inner packaging. Our gift fold-up boxes are not recommended to be used for shipping products. Great internal packaging boxes for


Make your products stand out by customizing your gift boxes with your logo or branding. Currently, we only offer printing on the top lid of the box, making it a great way to brand your packaging.  View our full digital colors and make your gift boxes stand out from the competition. There are several ways you can also customize your gift boxes.  One of the most cost-efficient ways is to use labels on your boxes. This not only will give you a branding opportunity but they can also be used as tamper-proof if used to seal the top lid.

Fold and go

These gift boxes come flat in order to maximize space. Once they are ready to be used, simply fold out using the imprints and use the top lid to lock it in place.  Our boxes can be reused multiple times, and make for easy storage by unfolding back flat.

Environmentally Friendly

Feel good about helping out the environment, as our gift boxes are 100% recyclable and made of recyclable compostable materials.