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Non-Woven Wine Bags


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  • Non-woven reusable wine bags all colors for single wine bottle folds flat die-cut handle

    Non-Woven 1 Bottle Wine Bag – 6 x 16.25

    $115.00/case (100 bags per case)
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  • EVP_2WIN4311 Group

    Non-Woven 1 Bottle Wine Tote – 4.5 x 3.5 x 11

    $105.00/case (100 bags per case)
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  • EVP_2WIN7311 Group

    Non-Woven 2 Bottle Wine Tote – 7 x 3.5 x 11

    $132.00/case (100 bags per case)
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  • EVP_2WIN0711 Group

    Non-Woven 4 Bottle Wine Bag – 7 x 7 x 11

    $143.00/case (100 bags per case)
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  • Non-Woven 6 Bottle Wine Bag – 10 x 7 x 11

    $155.00/case (100 bags per case)
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  • Non-Woven Versatile 6 Bottle Wine Bag – 10 x 7 x 11

    $169.00/case (100 bags per case)
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Raise a Glass to Style and Functionality with Non-Woven Wine Bags

Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs understand the importance of safeguarding their precious bottles during transport. When it comes to elegance and practicality, Non-Woven Wine Bags from EnviroPackaging are the perfect choice. Whether you need to transport one, two, four, or six bottles, our wine bags offer both protection and style. Our wine bags are a must-have for wineries, bottle shops, gift stores, events, and more.

Diverse Wine Bag Options

  1. Single Bottle Wine Bags: Perfect for those special occasions when you need to gift or carry a single bottle of wine securely and stylishly.
  2. Two-Bottle Wine Bags: Ideal for gifting or transporting two bottles of your favorite wines or spirits. Our wine bags provide separated compartments to keep each bottle safe.
  3. Four-Bottle Wine Bags: When you need to make a statement with a wine gift or stock up on multiple bottles, our four-bottle wine bags offer ample space and protection.
  4. Six-Bottle Wine Bags: Our versatile six-bottle wine bag is a game-changer. It features movable bottle compartments, allowing you to carry up to six bottles or adjust for fewer bottles and additional space for snacks or other items.

Stylish Color Choices

EnviroPackaging offers a range of popular colors for our Non-Woven Wine Bags, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your brand or event. Choose from sophisticated options such as black, burgundy, merlot, natural tan, and royal blue to enhance the visual appeal of your wine packaging.

The Versatile 6-Bottle Wine Bag

Our six-bottle wine bag is not your standard wine carrier. What sets it apart is the ingenious design with movable bottle compartments. This flexibility means you can carry a full six-bottle selection, or, if you prefer, adjust the compartments to accommodate fewer bottles and leave room for snacks, wine accessories, or other essentials. It’s a wine bag designed to adapt to your needs.

Customization Options

Personalize your Non-Woven Wine Bags with your custom logo or artwork. This branding opportunity allows wineries, bottle shops, gift stores, and event organizers to promote their brand and create a lasting impression. Make your wine bags an extension of your brand identity and elevate the presentation of your products.

EnviroPackaging’s Non-Woven Wine Bags offer a winning combination of style, functionality, and versatility. Whether you’re in the wine industry or simply a wine enthusiast looking for a reliable and elegant way to transport bottles, our wine bags are the answer. Choose the size that suits your needs, select your favorite color, and add your custom logo or artwork to make a statement. With our Non-Woven Wine Bags, you can protect your bottles, elevate your brand, and enhance the overall wine experience. Cheers to tasteful and eco-friendly wine packaging!

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