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Artwork Submission Guide

Please use this information prior to submitting the artwork.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us. 

When submitting artwork, please make sure to follow all the recommendations on this page to help ensure the best quality imprint for your product. Any artwork that does not meet these specifications may require additional production time, charges and may cause delays in the production of the final product.

Acceptable File Formats

  • Vector art is highly recommended for all artwork.
  • Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) – CS6 preferred
  • Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps)
  • Portable Document Format (*.pdf)


If fonts are not included with files, all text must be converted to outlines. Outlined fonts cannot be changed or edited. Outlined fonts ensure no loss in the submitted artwork’s original appearance.

Colors and Resolution

All artwork must be in CMYK format – RGB not acceptable. Black & White artwork must be provided in GRAYSCALE format. Keep all files layered and artwork resolution must be at least 300 dpi at 100% in size or there will be a substantial drop in image quality.


  • Artwork must extend at least 1/8 inch beyond the die line on each side. Allow for a 1/8 inch print margin inside the die line.
  • Inside core diameter must be 3″ standard
  • Web width must be between 2 inches – 6-1/2 inches
  • There CANNOT be any perforation on the liner