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Custom Paper Bags

Everything you need for the perfect paper bags

EnviroPackaging Sourcing Studio: Customizing Paper Bags

We can customize everything about your packaging:

The six building blocks of creating a custom paper bag are:

  1. Material
  2. Shape
  3. Size
  4. Top Edge
  5. Handles
  6. Add-on Options
Explore each building block to envision your dream customized paper bag. Choosing each element is crucial for an accurate quote and ensuring your paper bags are crafted perfectly.


What type of paper will your bag be made of?
   Custom Paper Bag Colors


Our standard paper options are in stock and ready to be crafted into the perfect bag tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Natural Kraft Paper
  • White Kraft Paper
  • Coated Kraft Paper
  • Black Kraft Paper
  • One-Side-Coated White Art Paper
  • White Art Paper
  • Ivory Art Paper


Transform your branding game with our exclusive range of specialized papers that bring an instant WOW factor to your packaging. While these options guarantee a show-stopping look and feel, keep in mind that their custom nature demands a bit more time and a higher minimum order quantity. It’s the cost of making a statement!

  • Beater-Dyed Paper – Custom dyed during manufacturing to be solid colored all the way through
  • Color Flood Coated Paper – Printed to be a solid custom color on the surface
  • Custom Art, Craft & Textured Papers – Provide your own paper sample for us to match


How will your bag be used? This determines the thickness of paper needed so that your final bags are durable.


Since paper bags are usually constructed of a single piece of paper, the material type you choose will determine the overall color. However, if you’d like your bags to incorporate many colors, you can choose a white material, and we’ll custom print your artwork onto the material before assembly to achieve your desired look.


Which style of bag would you like?

Custom paper bag shapes available at EnviroPackaging


Whether you choose your overall bag style based on functionality or aesthetics alone, we’ve got you covered on shapes! Eurototes and shoppers bags are our most requested models for paper bags, but we can craft the custom shapes you need.


It DOES matter!

Size options for custom paper bags


Our pre-made paper bags range in sizes to suit every need, from petite handle bags to the extra-large totes. Yet, don’t let the predefined sizes limit your imagination! Whether you’re dreaming of something smaller, larger, or in between dimensions, we’ve got your back. Need custom wide-gusseted bags for those hefty carry-out food containers? Just measure your max-sized delights, and we’ll create your dream bag – from vision to perfection – effortlessly.


A finishing touch to top off your bags

Custom Paper Bag Top Edge Options


Custom paper bags may have:

  • Straight Cut Tops
  • Fold-Over Turn Tops
  • Serrated Cut Tops


How will your bags be carried?

Custom Paper Bag Handle Types


Paper bag handle styles influence cost, ease of use, brand perception, and style. Our most popular handle types include:

  • Twisted Paper Handles
  • Ribbon Handles
  • Rope Handles
  • Die-Cut Handles
  • Tube Handles

All handles are available in a variety of colors with custom color options and different finishes, such as different types of ribbon or rope.


Need extra-long handles to accommodate larger items in your bags? Perhaps you have a specific length in mind to perfect the overall look and feel of your paper bags. Or you might prefer a standard handle length that suits the majority of bags similar to the size you’ve selected. Just let us know, and we’ll handle it seamlessly!


Success is in the details!


You’ve picked out the perfect paper, selected a suitable style, measured up your overall bag size, topped it off with a great edge finish, and handled the handles; what next? We offer some additional options to further increase durability, functionality, and style! And if you’ve got another feature in mind that’s not on our list? Just let us know! We’d be happy to make it happen.

  • Bottom Board Insert – increased durability
  • Turn Top Reinforcement Board – increased stability and sturdiness
  • Ribbon Tie Between Rope Handles – extra security, and a fashionable touch
  • Snap Button Closure – a satisfying extra touch to keep contents secure


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