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Custom Reusable Bags

Everything you need for the perfect reusable bags

Sourcing Studio Custom Reusable Bags

Customize everything about your premium reuseable bags!

The six building blocks of creating a custom reusable bag are:

  1. Material
  2. Style
  3. Handles
  4. Stitching & Binding
  5. Pockets & Closures
  6. Add-on Options
Browse our information on each of these building blocks to help build a clear picture of the fully custom paper bag of your dreams. Choosing each element is vital to receiving an accurate quote and to ensure that the final bags are crafted to perfection.


What material will your bag be made of?  Custom Paper Bag Materials


Our standard material options are in-stock and readily available to craft into the perfect reusable bag.

  • Natural Cotton
  • Recycled Non-Woven Polypropylene
  • Recycled PET – Lamination on RPET is highly essential and considered standard


Explore a spectrum of standard stock colors for your reusable bags, each tailored to the material you choose. Want that au naturel vibe? Go for undyed cotton for a laid-back, earthy touch. Craving a custom hue? Just specify the PMS match number or provide specific CMYK values to guarantee spot-on color matching. Your color journey starts here!


Looking for a specialty eco fabric for your reusable bags? Say the word! We’ll handle the legwork to source premium quality and ensure your final result is nothing short of perfection.

Do keep in mind that projects with custom colors or materials might include a larger minimum order quantity and a bit more patience for those lead times. Quality takes time, but it’s always worth the wait!


Which shape and style of bag would you like?

Custom Reusable Bag Sizes


Our most popular styles of reusable bags are:

  • Standard Tote
  • Grocery Tote
  • Thermo/Cooler Tote
  • Lunch Bag
  • Bottle Bag
  • Round Bag
  • Cinch Backpack

Which model strikes the ideal balance between functionality, style, and branding potential for your project? That’s our crowd-favorite, the standard tote. With an extensive range of uses, practicality, and a generous imprinting surface area, these versatile reusable bags can be crafted flat or with gussets as wide as you need. It’s the perfect canvas for carrying and showcasing whatever goods you sell. Our standard tote is where versatility meets your vision.

The appeal for insulated reusable bags is soaring, especially these popular styles:

  • Grocery Tote
  • Cooler
  • Lunch Bag

Reusable bags with insulation become a powerful incentive for customers to hold onto and reuse them repeatedly. It’s not just a bag; it’s a reason to keep coming back.

Bottle bags are the go-to choice for wineries, liquor shops, and specialty cooking oils, sauces, juices, and so much more. Typically crafted from non-woven polypropylene, these bags offer versatility with the option to add bottle separator inserts. Whether in a fixed position or as flexible fold-away partitions, they adapt seamlessly to accommodate various bottle sizes. Cheers to the perfect packaging for your spirits and specialties!

Don’t see the exact model you need? Simply share a description of the style you have in mind, and our design team will whip up a sample for your approval. Let’s bring your unique bag idea to life!


How will your bags be carried?

Custom Reusable Bag Handles

The way your bag is carried can significantly influence its perceived value. Handles not only play a pivotal role in the functionality of your bag but when designed creatively, they can also infuse style and character. For bag handles, consider these factors:


These are the most common handle types:

  • Standard 2 Handles – front and back side
  • Shoulder Strap – attaches from gusset to gusset
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap – attaches from gusset to gusset


The most common handle materials include:

  • Same material as the bag
  • Webbing


Take your handles to the next level with our array of enhancement options, boosting durability, style, and usability. Choose from:

  • X-Cross Stitch Reinforcement
  • Horizontal Strap Reinforcement
  • Full Panel Length Handles
  • Double Handles
  • Velcro Handle Grips
  • Binding
  • Grommets


Will your bags need extra-long handles to hold large items? Do you have a particular length in mind to align with the overall look and feel you desire for your paper bags? Or do you prefer a standard length that suits most bags of a similar size to your chosen one? Just give us the details, and we’ll take care of it!

Remember to think about the width or thickness you’d like for the handles. For bags meant to carry heavier loads, opting for wider handles can enhance comfort. Let us know your preferences, and we’ll ensure your bags meet every requirement!


Let’s keep it all together!


When crafting your reusable bags, weigh the durability requirements and color preferences. Choose stitching threads that match the bag material or opt for a different color of your choice to highlight your branding and artwork. Explore various stitching styles, including:

  • Overlocked stitch
  • Single stitch
  • Double stitch

If you’re unsure, our friendly and experienced Customer Service team can provide the best recommendation for your intended use.


The binding on your bag acts as an added strip of material, wrapping around exposed seams to provide extra strength and a touch of style. The material can match the type and color of the rest of the bag or stand out in contrast, enhancing the desired look and feel. Most often applied along top edges and outer side seams, it also reinforces inner seams for a bag that’s not just stylish but also robust and dependable.


Sort and protect the goods!


Pockets help to keep items sorted, protected, and stowed safely inside your bag. They can be added to the front, back, sides, inside, and, depending on the style of bag you’re ordering, on the top panel/lid! It’s up to you! Consider how your bag is intended to be used, and we’ll be happy to help make sure it has as many pockets as you like.

The material for your bag’s pockets can be:

  • Same as the Bag
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Other Custom Materials

Explore various pocket styles based on how you want them to open and close. Options include:

  • Zipper
  • Velcro
  • Snap
  • Elastic Band
  • Open Top Pocket


Safeguarding the contents of your bags is a top priority. If the bag’s intended use calls for a closure, we’ve got you covered. Our most frequently requested closure options include:

  • Standard Zippers (#3 and #5 sizes)
  • Zippers on a flap
  • Plastic Snaps
  • Metallic Snaps
  • Ribbon Ties
  • Cord Ties

Both the pockets and closures can be color-matched to the main body of your bags, or you have the option to choose a distinct accent color that complements your branding. Your color preferences, your way!


Success is in the details!


You’ve nailed down the ideal material, choose a style that suits your taste, selected a size and edge binding, and carefully crafted the handles, pockets, and closures. So what’s next? Elevate your bag even further with options to improve durability, functionality, and style! 

If you have a specific feature in mind that’s not listed here, just give us the details! We’re all ears and ready to bring your vision to life:

  • Sewn-in Cardboard Reinforced Handles
  • PVC Bottom Board – loose
  • PVC Bottom Board – loose & matching material covered
  • PVC Bottom Board – sewn-in & matching material covered
  • EPE Padded Foam – sewn-in & matching material covered
  • Sewn-in Cardboard Bottom Insert
  • Clear Vinyl Sleeves
  • Key Loops
  • Hang Tabs


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