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Introducing EnviroBand®

The sustainable packaging solution.  EnviroBand® is meant to be used not only as a convenient way to package products but to minimize unnecessary waste.  Our bands are made of high-quality 100% recyclable and sustainable material.

To help keep the environment green, Environmental Band is recyclable curbside and naturally biodegradable.

Make your products look good while contributing to a greener earth.

Bands made for Packaging

They are great for clothing! Wrap your clothing and other garments, choose between different sizes to meet your specific needs.
Small (4.25” x 11”)  is ideal for hand towels, soaps, small product boxes, t-shirts.

Enviro Band towels

Medium (4.25” x 14”) is ideal for towels, clothing items such as jeans or sweaters.

Enviro Band clothing

Large (5.5” x 17”) is ideal for larger bulky items such as jackets, blankets, throws.

Enviro Band Blanket

Also known as belly bands and package sleeves, our bands have the highest quality kraft material. The band surface is made for printing.

Bands can adhere with a custom label sticker, barcode sticker, hot glue, glue dots, staples, or tape. 

Customized Printing

Now you can have your branding displayed on the EnviroBand® to maximize your branding recognition and make your packaging presentation stand out above the rest.

Make your brand stand out by attaching the bands with a custom label sticker, a barcode sticker, hot glue, glue dots, staples, or tape to make sure your brand is noticed. Our company offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs. Regardless of whether you need just a few bands or thousands, you can count on us to meet your needs efficiently and effectively. Request a quote today!