Protective Packaging

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Protective Packaging

What is protective packaging?

It is packaging that is used for minimizing the empty space inside shipping boxes or mailers.  Using protective packaging as an empty filler can drastically prevent your products from moving and bouncing around inside while in shipping transit. This in part prevents any dings or bumps that might occur in part to poorly packaged products. Prevent breakage and upset customers by including protective packaging in your EnvioPackaging order.

Alternative protective packaging options

For many years, it was popular to use packaging peanuts to fill in empty spaces in boxes and mailers.  This was a good idea when it first started, but the biggest drawback is that those pieces of foam/plastic are not recyclable and do a lot of damage to the environment.

Here are a few environmentally friendly alternatives

  • Packaging tissues
  • Kraft paper rolls
  • Flexi Hex
  • Spiro Pack

The above products are all environmentally friendly and great options instead of messy shredded paper, plastics, or packaging peanuts.