Flexi Hex

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Looking for a way to protect your bottles, cosmetics, and electronics? Look no further than the Flexi Hex! This innovative Flexi-Hex Air cushioning sleeve offers a high level of protection with its robust cushioning performance and protective honeycomb construction. Plus, it’s flat-packed so it takes up less space and is easy to use. Simply place the sleeve towards the top of your product and bring it downwards. Hexagonal cell structures in the sleeve should adapt gently to your product, providing a comfortable, impact-resistant grip. Give your products the protection they deserve with the Flexi Hex!

Flexi Hex made for Packaging

Flexi Hex X-Small size 1″ x 3.9″ is ideal for jewelry, highball glasses, makeup, compacts, and similar sized items

Flexi Hex Small size 1″ x 7.9″ is ideal for makeup, sunglasses, cosmetics, gifts, and collectibles.

 Flexi Hex Medium size 1″ x 9.8″  is ideal for wine bottles, small electronics, fashion accessories, and similar-sized items.

Flexi Hex Large size 1″ x 13.8″  is ideal for liquor bottles, ornaments, glassware, ceramics, and similar-sized items.