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Stock Recycled Boxes

Choose from a great selection of recycled shipping boxes: corrugated boxes, literature mailer boxes, gift boxes, and apparel boxes.  Our shipping boxes are ideal and ready for customization. Have an idea but don’t know where to get started? Reach out to our packaging experts. They can analyze your product and industry to recommend the best packaging solutions.

Customize your Recycled Shipping Boxes Exclusively for your Brand

Stand out from your competitors by customizing your shipping boxes with your branded logo. Need a specific size? EnviroPackaging can build almost any type of box to meet your dimensions and standards. We have a box customizer that will allow you to build your own box.

Save money on your shipping costs

Packaging your products to fit properly into boxes can save you money reducing unnecessary weight and dimensions. These are the factor that shipping companies take to calculate your costs. Having boxes that are designed specifically for your products cuts on empty space and the need to use fillers, which can add on as additional costs. Over time small shipping accessories can add up, costing your business avoidable expenses.

Simple step by step instructions:

  • Select the recycled shipping box that fits your products.
  • Select the dimensions you want.
  • Choose your material and color.
  • Select the quantity you want.
  • Upload or Design your own.
  • Purchase online and done.

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Which type of box is best for my products?

There are many options for the type of boxes depending on what you are looking for.  We broke down the most essential needs based on what customers look for and made a chart.

Box Type Sturdiness Presentation Customization Product Recommendations
Standard Excellent Medium Full Digital Heavier, Bulky Items
Literature Mailer Medium Excellent Full Digital, Hot Stamp, Flexo Ink Smaller to medium
Apparel Boxes Low Excellent n/a Garments, clothing, linens
Gift Boxes Low Excellent Hot stamp Smaller sturdy products

Environmentally Friendly Boxes

Feel great about helping the environment with our boxes.  EnviroPackaging is dedicated to having products that are recyclable, made of recycled products, and do not damage our ecosystem.  Let your customers know about your dedication to helping the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint with our biodegradable boxes.

Custom Shipping Box

Need a Full Digital Printing Quote?

If you need a quote for a full custom box or you rather speak to one of our representatives please fill out the custom quote and they will get back to you within 24 hours. We are happy to guide you step by step and set you up with the best packaging available for your products.