Literature Mailer Boxes

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Literature mailer boxes (LM) are great for subscription-style packaging and shipping smaller products that need additional protection. Choose between kraft and white colors to compliment your product and branding needs.

Environmentally Friendly


Our literature mailers are made of recycled kraft materials to help minimize the carbon footprint.  They are designed with quality materials to be sturdy and are reusable many times over.  Since we use kraft paperboard these literature mailers are also biodegradable!

Securely Package your Products

Literature mailer boxes are ideal to package products that need a bit more protection. The boxes are made of sturdy carton that is easily foldable and does not need any glue or any other adhesives.

Our boxes consist of a 32 ECT rating and are crafted using B-Flute which is  1/8 inch thick.  Literature mailer boxes are great for custom-made boxes and have the best printing surface.

Edge Crush Test

Corrugated Box Thickness

This is often referred to as ECT, which is a test that was developed by the industry to measure the strength of the cardboard. The test applies pressure to the boxes in a vertical form which mimics the stacking of boxes and the force they can handle. A rating of 32ECT indicates that the box walls can properly hold a weight of up to 32lbs. The greater the number the more “strength” the walls can hold. A standard of the industry has been to use 32ECT due to the cost efficiency and valuable performance.

Fully Customizable

  EnviroPackging offers fully customizable printing options for our literature mailer boxes. We can not only print your branding our the boxes, but we can also fabricate them to your specific dimensions.  We currently offer full digital printing which means you can have your design cover the entire size of the box (edge to edge).

To add more customizability to our boxes, custom printing can also be done on the inside of the box.  There are many reasons to customize your box, but the most important one is to allow your customers to have that memorable unboxing experience.  Just like first impressions, the action of having an exciting unboxing experience is satisfying and will impress your customers.

Literature Mailer Box

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