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Recycled Poly Mailers

Recycled mailers are an incredible way to send light and less delicate products from different industries. Your packaging costs can be reduced and your customers will receive a product that looks fantastic. You can customize them by adding your brand or logo to create recognition of your brand in your customers’ minds.
Poly mailers are ideal for sending light products in a variety of industries. Many small businesses use our Polymailers to ship packages to their customers in industries such as cosmetics, health, and beauty, small electronics, jewelry, vitamins among others.
They can help you reduce your costs compared to other types of packaging.

Stock Mailer Envelopes

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EnviroPackaging has a wide variety of recycled mailers that will meet all your packaging and shipping needs. Our products come in different sizes and materials from water-resistant mailers to tougher than most literature mailers. Whatever mailer you are looking for rest assured our choice will benefit for a better greener earth.

Custom Mailer Envelopes

Take your branding to the next level, by custom printing on your mailers to increase your branding recognition.  Get the edge over your competition with quality custom printed mailer envelopes.  We offer a design and print system where you can upload your artwork and order your prints through our website.
Also if you are not sure about what kind of printing will work for you, we have experts who can guide you in selecting the perfect option.

Printing Selections

Depending on the mailer material we offer

Flexo ink process: is a method of printing that uses a flexible relief plate. Generally, it is used to print packaging materials with ink. These inks and printing methods are becoming more popular due to their low cost and environmental friendliness. We can print high-quality labels on rotary printing machines efficiently and cost-effectively using Flexography. Flexographic printing is used for printing on flexible materials such as plastic, paper, metallic films, and cardboard. The flexo printing industry makes up almost 60% of the packaging industry today. Tell us about your project and we will be happy to assist you. Get a Full Custom Quote.
The hot stamp printing process:
is the perfect packaging solution for short runs, specials, holidays, and research and development test-marketing projects.
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Each one offers a different advantage depending on budget and goals.  Feel free to reach out to our sales representatives for more information.

Differentiate your brand

By creating our brand, we intend to be able to make sure that our products are identifiable and that our customers can associate them with our brand. By doing so, they will be able to recognize our brand on the next purchase.

Many companies such as Amazon, iPhone, DHL, FEDEX, use their boxes as an element of their marketing campaigns to promote their brand. Every time these products or services from these companies are used, you can notice their boxes not only carry the institutional colors, but also the logos that differentiate them. As a result, they are different and unique from other companies. It is important to display your brand prominently and attractively. This marketing strategy is used by some of the world’s largest companies. Create a cardboard billboard out of your shipping packaging and stand out from the competition.

Our custom packaging experts are here to help you. Contact Us for help with your custom packaging goals, chat with us, or call 833-43-WORLD