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Natural Kraft Mailers

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Stock natural kraft mailer envelopes

These kraft envelopes are made of sturdy kraft paper and feature a strong adhesive closure to keep your products secure.  Not only can natural kraft mailers be used for documents but also garments and other products as well.

How to Customize your natural kraft mailer

Let your company be known, take the next step, and customize your kraft mailers with your logo or branding artwork. We offer custom printing options that will surely amaze your customers. Get a Full Custom Quote

Natural kraft mailer recycled recyclable biodegradable

Kraft mailers are environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled paper. By using recycled paper, less waste is generated while trees are preserved at the same time. Additionally, the envelope adhesive does not contain any harmful chemicals, which makes it a more environmentally friendly option. With these natural kraft mailers, you can rest assured you’re helping the environment by using recycled materials.

Standard benefits

100% recycled content: Join us in our quest to create eco-friendly products that not only look good but also function well. All of the materials used for making your purchase come from environmentally friendly sources, so you can feel good about yourself when using them!
Lightweight and affordable: They’re an excellent choice for your next shipment! They come in a variety of sizes to fit any need, from small ones that hold up letters or postcards through large bulk mailing sleeves.
You’re helping the planet by using recycled materials: We’re dedicated recyclers too; each package is 100% biodegradable and all packing peanuts have been replaced with nonthreatening material – no more shredded paper filling up landfills or posing as potential litter outside homes/businesses locations where they may end up stuck permanently due
Your customers will love that you’re eco-friendly: Your customers will be impressed with your eco-friendly nature. A green business is a wise investment. A company that puts sustainability first can attract more people and earn stronger loyalty from them, as well as provide opportunities for growth in the long run because it’s easier to keep up when everything was already done locally or ethically by one source!

Customized printing options are available

kraft mailer customization

We offer custom printing options that will surely amaze your customers.

Flexo ink process: is a method of printing that uses a flexible relief plate. Generally, it is used to print packaging materials with ink. These inks and printing methods are becoming more popular due to their low cost and environmental friendliness. We can print high-quality labels on rotary printing machines efficiently and cost-effectively using flexography. Flexographic printing is used for printing on flexible materials such as plastic, paper, metallic films, and cardboard. The flexo printing industry makes up almost 60% of the packaging industry today.
Hot stamp printing process is the perfect packaging solution for short runs, specials, holidays, and research and development test-marketing projects.



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