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The protection of the environment meets the preservation of the planet. Our Padded mailers are made of 100% recycled content and help protect your products from being damaged by bumps and dings. They come in various sizes, allowing you to easily ship your products. An easy way to open this package is by using the pull-to-open strip and the self-seal closure.

How to print on specific areas?

Simple step by step instructions:

Find the right printing option for you

EnviroPackaging prints a variety of colors and shapes on recycled Padded mailers.

Full digital printing: Full Digital printing involves printing images directly from digital files on various surfaces. This is the most widely used printing method as it is used by almost all commercial printers. Printing can be done according to your needs, regardless of the size of the project. We can handle any project however big or small. Get a Full Custom Quote
Flexo ink process is a method of printing that uses a flexible relief plate. Generally, it is used to print packaging materials with ink. These inks and printing methods are becoming more popular due to their low cost and environmental friendliness. We can print high-quality labels on rotary printing machines efficiently and cost-effectively using flexography. Flexographic printing is used for printing on flexible materials such as plastic, paper, metallic films, and cardboard. The flexo printing industry makes up almost 60% of the packaging industry today. Get a Full Custom Quote

You can call us at 833-43-WORLD  if you have questions about size ordering or if your unique item doesn’t quite fit any of our standard sizes.

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Advantages to using recycled padded mailers

Padded mailers made from recycled materials are excellent products. There are many benefits to using padded mailers made from recycled materials.

Make sure your products are protected

 Using our padded mailers is easy thanks to their self-sealing closure and a pull tab for easy opening. In addition, our Recycled Padded Mailers are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. Order your Recycled Padded Mailers today!

Padded mailers are an eco-friendly way to protect goods during shipping. Padded mailers are made of 100% recycled materials and are available in different sizes to make shipping easier than ever before. Additionally, our recycled padded mailers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Quantity Options

We offer both bulk and per case quantities to meet your needs. We will always provide the same level of customer service and product quality that you expect.

Why Choose EnviroPackaging?

We understand the needs of our customers personally.  Each of our representatives is a trained professional with years of experience. They will walk you through every step of your printing project.  We analyze your product and industry in order to suggest the most appropriate options for your packaging. Our packaging has become a science where we have perfected the variables – as your success is our success.

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Recycled Padded Mailers Specification Chart

Product Code Product Description Case Length Case Width Case Height Case Qty Case Weight (lbs) Mailer Weight (lbs) Mailer Weight (oz)
EVP7PDM0609NAT 6″ x 10″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 21 17 13 250 28 1.6 0.12
EVP7PDM0609NATBNDL 6″ x 10″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 11 7 7 10 2.8 1.6 0.12
EVP7PDM0711NAT 7.25″ x 12″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 21 16.5 13 100 16 2.1 0.13
EVP7PDM0711NATBNDL 7.25″ x 12″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 15 13 7 10 4 2.1 0.13
EVP7PDM0811NAT 8.5″ x 12″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 15.5 12.5 13 100 17 2.2 0.17
EVP7PDM0811NATBNDL 8.5″ x 12″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 13 9 7 10 4.25 2.2 0.17
EVP7PDM1015NAT 10.5″ x 16″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 17.5 12.5 13 100 27.5 3.8 0.275
EVP7PDM1015NATBNDL 10.5″ x 15″ Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 17 11 8 10 13.75 3.8 0.275
EVP7PDM1419NAT 14.25″ x 19″Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 22 17 13 50 25 7 0.4375
EVP7PDM1419NATBNDL 14.25″ x 19″Recycled Kraft Padded Mailer 21.375 15.625 6.375 10 12.5 7 0.4375