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SOS bags natural kraft and white take out fast food drive thru burgers cookies cafe popcorn

SOS bags are affordable flat-bottomed “self-opening sacks”. They are the standard in making it easy to quickly and safely pack fast food orders, meals, snacks, grocery items, baked goods, and more!

Made from high-quality, Natural Kraft Paper, they provide an economical and convenient way to package takeout meals and other culinary products. These convenient and durable bags come in both white and natural kraft colors.

Additionally, the lay-flat design makes SOS Bags easy to stack and store without taking up too much space. And they open with ease. Our bags come in 4 handy sizes.

Whether you’re handing off a juicy hamburger in a drive-thru, serving up a tasty pastry at a cafe, or selling crunchy snacks to movie-goers, there is an SOS Bags for you!

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