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Online sales are ever-increasing and the demand for products being shipped has grown. Enviropack understands this and has brought an entire line of eco-friendly packaging. All of our products are specially developed to meet or exceed industry standards but with a twist. Our products are either eco-friendly, meaning they have been made with recycled products and themselves are recyclable. As a company, we are doing everything possible to bring consumers quality products for their packaging but at the same time being an influence in preserving this beautiful green earth we live in.

Box or Mailer?

Thinking of which option is best for you? Here is a quick suggestion, but ultimately your products will need packaging that will protect them throughout the shipping process. Typically kraft mailer boxes are great for documents, but can also be used for small garments and similar products. The rigidness of the kraft mailers will hold but are limited in shape. If you have bulky items or smaller size ones but are shipping as a bundle, it is recommended to use a box. Our rigid product boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and rest assured that each is fully recyclable.

Inner Packaging

In a short summary, this is all the packaging that is done before. For example, if you are shipping out apparel, then it is recommended to put your products inside a flap and seal bag and once that is done, you can then use a mailer or box to ship them out to customers. Inner packaging also refers to filling in void areas within a box or mailer to prevent your products from shifting during shipping.

Void Fill

For years companies used foam peanuts to fill in the packaging voids in boxes and mailers.  There was also the use of air bubble wrapping to secure fragile packaging.  Both of these products secure packaging but have a drastic negative impact on waste products.  Foam peanuts and air bubble bags have a higher tendency to end up in landfills than being reused or in a recycling plant.  EnviroPackaging offers great options to keep your packaging secure and contribute to keeping waste out of landfills.

Customization Options

We understand your products are great and want to get the most of your packaging. Besides having eco-friendly products we also have the ability to print your logo and branding on most of our products. This is a real game-changer and will surely give you an advantage over the competition.


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