Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Packaging

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If you are selling products online, you understand that product packaging plays an essential part in your business. One-of-a-kind jewelry deserves packaging that enhances the presentation of your goods. In the world of retail sales, in-person and online, presentation is everything! 

Successful entrepreneurs understand the value of packaging that enhances the unboxing experience a customer receives. A memorable unboxing experience is vital to a good branding strategy. Creating a unique impression by providing a great product, plus an unboxing experience, will encourage customers to shop with you more often. 

One other primary consideration is the eco-friendliness and sustainability of the packaging used. Consumers prefer purchasing jewelry from businesses with a commitment to environmentally responsible packaging. If you are here, sustainability is likely a part of your moral business code.

EnviroPackaging supports moving towards more reusable, recyclable, and sustainable packaging solutions. Green packaging is our focus! We have a range of options to meet your unique green requirements and budget.

Pro-Tips for sustainable packaging for your jewelry business

There is much room for personalization and creativity when turning to EnviroPackaging for your sustainable jewelry packaging needs.

We want you to have a clear view of all the packaging options available in a simple way. We have listed the options to help you find the most appropriate for your needs.

Bubble mailers

These bubble mailers are made with 30% recycled content and can be reused or recycled. They are tear, temper, and moisture resistant and lined with intuitive padding that protects your most delicate jewelry pieces. Also, they are lightweight and compact, which reduces packaging and shipping costs.

Get customized branding on these bubble mailers with your brand name! Click here to place an order today.

Padded mailers

Padded mailers are constructed with 100 % recycled content and can be reused or recycled. Removing the adhesive strips turns them into naturally biodegradable items since they are made from paper.

The attractive appeal of their minimalistic design makes our padded mailers a favorite. They offer an earthy feel and are excellent choices for enhancing hand-made product presentations.

Our recycled kraft padded mailers are perfect for smaller and flatter items, less prone to damage during shipping. The package will keep its shape even if your small jewelry does not fill the entire mailer. 

Want to make an even stronger impression? Customize our padded mailers with custom printing that matches your brand!

Mailer boxes

Create a lasting impression with a refined and sturdy box with our Mailer Boxes. The box itself is already presentable but you have the option to add your own design to make it personalized and make your customer feel special. There are so many ways to design Mailer Boxes – with your own logo, colors and prints that best showcase your brand.

But besides the aesthetic aspect, this box is made from 100% recycled materials. And because this box is well-made and presentable most people choose to repurpose this box. This sends a great message to your customers, that your business care about the environment by using sustainable and recyclable materials.

Mailer boxes are best suited for irregular-shaped pieces that require protection, like jewelry or expensive items prone to damage during transit. These boxes are durable and available in different sizes. Besides using tissue, you may insert your item in a Flap Seal Poly Bag, then place it in a Mailer Box. Adding your own design on the Mailer Boxes will add value to your product and make an enjoyable experience as a customer unboxes their gift. 

Start designing your custom Mailer Boxes! Place your Order Here

100% Recycled Flap Seal Poly Bags

Available in nine different sizes, these 100% Recycled Flap Seal Poly Bags are ideal for apparel and jewelry items. This is a great choice for small items that are not fragile. This bag will keep your product in place and protect it from dust, moisture, and scratches. It is an inexpensive option to ship items since the bag is very lightweight and takes less storage space compared to boxes. 

It is also made from 100% recycled materials, which help reduce waste that minimizes carbon footprint during production. Place your Order Here.

Biodegradable and recyclable packaging tape

Our packaging tapes are biodegradable and recyclable as well. It may be small but every little effort counts. This is our commitment to protecting our planet from more waste production.

You can choose from the following options:

Biodegradable Cello Tape: This plant-derived cellulose backing tape is married with a strong natural rubber adhesive. It may be applied on smooth or low-textured surfaces and still be ensured your packages are tightly sealed.

Kraft Flatback TapeThis Kraft Paper tape is made with an intuitive blend of natural and synthetic rubber adhesive. Your customers will be able to tear this pressure sealing Kraft Flatback tape by hand. No water or equipment is required. Ideal for packing corrugated boxes at a low volume.

Water Activated TapeOur Kraft Water-activated tapes are made of 50% recycled content and offer strong natural adhesive, outperforming standard tapes. You will need some water to moisten the side with the adhesive and quickly place it on the box to seal. Once completely dry, this tape cannot be simply peeled off the box, making it tamper-resistant.

Hemp twine

Hemp is the world’s oldest naturally available fiber that dates to 8000 BC. Growing hemp does not require any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. It is completely biodegradable as it is made with plant fibers. Hemp twine is durable, one of the strongest packing materials available. It is naturally resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew, avoiding your products from exposure to such elements and damage. Hemp Twine is a nice touch to perfectly boxed jewelry with a small bow on top. To order, click here.

You are now informed of all the options available to your business! Creating a packaging presentation that will make a unique impression on your customers will level your business up! Congrats!



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