Ultimate Guide to Retail Packaging

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Why is Retail Packaging Important for Your Brand?

Whether you’re selling locally or online, customers love opening up a unique product with specially designed packaging. Not only does it make them feel valued, but it makes your product stand out in a way that’s distinctive from your competition. Custom retail packaging is essential for a variety of reasons, starting with your consumer.

When buyers shop for products, it can be overwhelming. There are so many different companies, options, and places to look. On top of that, there are different colors, patterns, and shapes for each item they’re looking at. When they land on your product, you don’t want them second-guessing where it came from. That’s where we come in.

At EnviroPackaging, we know just how important retail packaging is—it helps your brand stand out in a crowd and it will remind your customer of just how much they’re valued. Our customized packaging allows your company to design your mailers, boxes, and more, with your logo, distributing information, your brand’s colors, and designs that will catch your consumer’s eye. Best of all, each of our products is environmentally friendly and sustainable to keep your business’s carbon footprint as minimal as possible, which your customers will love.

Custom Boxes Deliver Word of Mouth

When you choose to partner with EnviroPackaging, we’ll start by addressing your custom needs. Each of our products is fully customizable from the inside out. As your packaging goes through the necessary channels to reach your customers, it will pass through many other hands along the way—hands that you could well be advertising to.

As your box travels through the mail, it will process through multiple shipping departments, shipping carriers, and even the local postman—it might reach hundreds of people before even getting to your client. One of the main benefits of shipping with our customizable boxes is that you can advertise to your customers, but everyone along the way as well. It might not seem like a lot, but once you brand your boxes, people are going to start talking about it. It might start with a conversation between postal workers about how cute the design is on the box, but word of mouth picks up quickly. Once people start talking about these things and they can recognize your brand, it really pushes the experience to the next level.


Great Custom Mailers Increase Your Brand’s Perceived Value

If you’ve ever ordered from a larger company, like an apparel brand, for instance, you probably could tell exactly what you received in your mailbox from the poly-mailer it was packed in. Customized mailers pack a punch—for good reason. Specially designed packaging really elevates your brand and takes your products to another level. Customers love knowing that their products have arrived, and our custom mailers at EnviroPackaging let you do just that.

While your product is certainly important, packaging can truly bring an added value to what you’re selling. Whether it’s something small like a funky pair of socks, or something big, like an expensive leather jacket, your product should feel valuable—no matter how much the price tag was. As a company, you always want your perceived value to be as high as possible and custom mailers, like our Recycled Padded Bubble Mailers or our Recycled Poly Mailers, can do just that.

With EnviroPackaging’s affordable custom packaging, you can find new and creative ways to make the shipping process as unique as possible for everyone involved. With the right planning and creative ideas, your packaging can not only make your product stand out, but it can add extra value that you might not have had before working with EnviroPackaging.


Ecommerce Customers Want an Experience

Have you ever had a package delivered from Amazon and you knew exactly what it was because of the brown logo tape on the outside of the box? Chances are, you probably know exactly where I’m going with this. Big box retailers have built their brands by something as small as packaging tape, alone. Even if you’re not sure about investing in custom packaging, do yourself a favor and check out EnviroPackaging’s custom tape option coming soon.

While it might not seem like much, even low-volume companies can benefit from our customized options, like our Flatback Kraft Tape. This tape can be customized with your company’s logo, slogan, artwork, or anything else you need. It’s environmentally friendly and the product is easy to tear off by hand, eliminating the need for large tape dispensers. From a small business perspective, our Flatback Kraft Tape is a no-brainer.

Even though your customers might shop online, they still want the buying experience they enjoy in-person, without the hassle of shopping in the stores. At enviropackaging, we can help your brand achieve just that with products from our customized tape to our mailers and boxes.

While it might not seem like a big deal, custom packaging can make a huge difference to any company’s products. Some of the best options to build a large brand starts off from the ground—and your retail packaging is no different. Even if it feels challenging, creating custom retail packaging that your customers love can give your company amazing results and the value can be quite impressive. If you’re not sure where to start, EnviroPackaging can make your life easier with our custom creating tool, or you can contact us directly so we can help you design the packaging for your next bestseller.


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