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Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Apparel Packaging

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Read our Guide on Eco-Friendly Clothing Packaging to see all of the options you have and what the best practices are. Though it might not seem like it, apparel is one of the largest selling items on the online market. After all, we all need clothing! From customized t-shirt to baby rompers, to funky socks, every great apparel brand needs to have options for shipping products to customers. That’s where we come in!

At EnviroPackaging, we believe product shipping is much more than stuffing apparel into a mailer and sending it on its way—instead, opening a package should be an experience. Because clothes aren’t often broken in transit, there are so many options that you can use to ship your products, while creating a positive branding experience for your consumer and everyone along the way.

Whether you sell jackets, vintage finds, or logo shirts, Enviro-packaging has the right shipping materials to make your brand stand out.

Let’s break down some of our favorite options for apparel transit by comparing our different packaging bags, mailers, and boxes.

Shipping Mailers


Poly-mailers are perfect for apparel packaging—with good reason. These mailers are lightweight, easy to store in bulk, and they are very cost-effective. But, all great things come at a cost. Poly-mailers are usually made from harmful plastics that are challenging for the environment. Plastic can take anywhere from twenty to fifty years to break down, and when you’re spending the day pumping out orders, it hard not to think about your own carbon footprint.

At Enviro-packaging, we recognize how important our environment is and we know just how much our brands want to try to stay sustainable. Our poly-mailers keep the green cycle going with up to 50% recycled materials. Unlike other mailers, our poly-mailers are reusable to keep shipping again and again.

Enviro-packaging has white or gray options with thirteen different size options. Order our base packaging online or customize your own packaging with your company’s logo and distributing information.


If poly-mailers aren’t for you, you might just fall in love with our padded mailers. Padded mailers are a creative mailing option that hold their form, no matter what product you sell. Perfect for handcrafted apparel items that need a special touch, your consumers will love opening up their one-of-a-kind products with our customized mailers.

Enviro-packaging’s padded mailers are plastic-free and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making them one of our most environmentally friendly options. Made of recycled materials and a cushioning layer, kraft mailers will protect your apparel products during shipment and keep them safe. These mailers are definitely a great option for reducing waste while still keeping your products safe and looking great.  Like our poly-mailers, our padded mailers can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

Natural Kraft Mailers

Do you have a delicate apparel or garment product that you need to keep from wrinkling? Using our natural kraft mailers is an efficient way to make sure your apparel keeps from wrinkling and gets to your customers without being folded. Natural kraft mailers come in various sizes and have a gusseted side which can help expand and fit more apparel in a single mailer.

Creating great apparel is difficult—but finding your next shipping mailers shouldn’t be. With EnviroPackaging, you can always be sure that we put your company first. Our commitment is to provide your apparel brand with sustainable, environmentally friendly products that you can customize to any of your company’s needs. No matter what options you choose, your brand can be confident that each of our products has been selectively crafted to be the best choice for recycled, eco-friendly clothing packaging

Product Wraps


If you need to keep your apparel in minimal packaging, but still want to show off your branding, the EnviroBand belly-bands are a great choice! These wrap bands can be fastened around apparel and soft goods items to keep them in nice tight rolls for display, storage, and ease of handing out. EnviroBands are made from 100% recycled kraft paper and are a sustainable option for apparel wraps.


Apparel Boxes

For retail apparel, wrapping up the sale with a perfectly sized Apparel Box can add a higher-end finishing touch to your brand. EnviroPackaging’s Apparel Boxes are made from 100% recycled natural kraft paperboard and can be customized with company branding. Every sale can feel like a gift the customer is giving themselves. These two-part pop-up boxes can be stored flat to save on space, and they pop up in seconds for easy boxing.

Shipping Packaging

Flap and Seal Poly Bags

If you find your company ships a majority of your orders online, you might want to check out Enviro-packaging’s Flap and Seal Poly Bags. Our poly bags are perfect for small apparel items that you might not want loose, like baby socks, scarves, or other small accessories. Polybags are also perfect for making folded items stand out and stay neat during shipping. Our Flap and Seal Poly Bags have a flap seal that will ensure your products are secure, no matter where they are traveling to.

Unlike other brands, EnviroPackaging sells 100% recycled poly bags to help reduce waste and minimize your company’s carbon footprint. With five different size options, our poly bags are a great option for any of your apparel shipping needs.

Vela Tissue Bags

A truly eco-friendly alternative, our Vela tissue bags are a great choice for easy shipping. Made of 100% paper, these bags are resistant to humidity and dust, making them a great option for internal packaging. EnviroPackaging’s Vela tissue bags are 100% biodegradable and recyclable and they come in five different sizes, ensuring that you have the right bag for any of your products, from underwear to t-shirts, to jackets.

Protective Packaging


Protective packaging void-fillers like SpiroPack minimize the amount of empty space inside shipping boxes or mailers.  Filling the empty space can drastically reduce the movement of your products while in transit and prevent any dents or bumps that might occur in part due to poorly packaged products. EnviroPackaging’s SpiroPack is made of 100% paper and is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to plastic void-fillers like bubble wrap. 

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